Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Omstar recently received approval to volunteer time to eliminate virus on PPE.

Major Breakthrough to Kill Coronavirus

For the past thirty-five years, Omstar has been dedicated to making our planet cleaner and safer. We have achieved these goals by reducing toxic emissions all over the world which enables engines to run more efficiently and economically while, simultaneously, reducing the source of serious respiratory illnesses.

We at Omstar are as concerned as everyone about the Corona virus, and we are pleased to announce that our Chief Scientist, Dr. George Paskalov, Ph.D., has developed several environmental technologies including a sterilization system known as the “RF Plasma Treatment System” designed to eradicate all forms of bacteria and viruses. 

The device – shown next to Dr. Paskalov in the photograph above – can be used to  sterilize face masks, gloves and gowns and medical instruments for reuse. However, Dr. Paskalov’s technologies have a wide variety of applications including the successful use of one of his technologies in the Philippines in 2017 to eradicate viruses during an outbreak in the banana fields. 

Experts from all over the world flew to the Philippines to address the problem of the viruses destroying the banana crops, but Dr. Paskalov’s technology was the only technology that worked. Dr. Paskalov’s device completely eradicated the viruses in the banana fields in the Philippines safely and easily without the use of poisons or toxins of any kind.  

We at Omstar are pleased to announce that Dr. Paskalov is preparing to go into production on the RF Plasma Treatment System to make his powerful sterilization system available. 

In the meantime, Dr. Paskalov and his colleagues at UCLA  have teamed up to create a Mobile Unit for the RF Plasma Treatment System to visit hospitals and provide sterilization services throughout the State of California.