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*Analysis Reports Available Upon Request


This lab found that adding DX1 to Unleaded Petrol- 95 RON (ULP95), and also to Diesel 50ppm Sulfur, had no detrimental effect on the quality of either fuel, or the fuel specifications of either fuel. Testing conformed to the South African National Standards (SANS).


The U.S. Marine Corps at Camp Pendleton, California conducted a one-month test of  DX1 on four 10 to 15 ton tractors resulting in a 22.76% increase in fuel efficiency. 


 E.W. Saybolt & Co. Inc. tested DX1 and found it increased Cetane (similar to Octane) from 45.5 to 47.5 points and is 99.99976% ashless (2.4 parts out of 1,000,000 parts). Personnel at Saybolt Labs said they'd never seen anything like this in their history.

California Resources Board

Reevaluated the statistical analysis of a test conducted by CARB in 1990, “Effect of D-1280X Additive on Emissions & Fuel Economy.” Hydrocarbons were reduced by 50% and 28.6% for the two trucks tested with Omstar DX1.

South Coast

Air Quality

Management District

SCAQMD performed a chemical breakdown of DX1 Green that presented all elemental ingredients such as Si, Mg, Fe, Cu, Ag, Ni, Al, Ca, SA, with all “other elements” analyzed as “nil.”

Mexican Petroleum Institute

Lab evaluation found DX1 reduced emissions (Bosch Fume Units, UHB) from 3.14 to 1.6, and Particulates from 0.08 to 0.03 grams/BHP-Hour.

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