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1 ounce of DX1  treats 10 gallons of fuel.

DX1 made only of Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen. They contain no metals, alcohols, or other damaging ingredients.

DX1 bio-esters have an extended shelf-life as they never expire. 

1 ounce of Flame treats 10 gallons of fuel.

When burned, our bio-esters are ashless, leaving no residue.

Easy and safe to handle - DX1 has a shipping classification

FC #155150


Class 65

​​1 ounce of

 Residual treats 31 gallons of fuel.

At minus 40 degrees Celsius, our bio-ester additives are not damages by heat or cold, and perform perfectly.

At freezing temperatures, our bio-ester additives raise the viscosity of the fuel for easier engine starting.

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