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How CleanStar Bio-Esters Work

Gum Solvent 


Cleans engine without decreasing engine lubricity.

Combustion Improver


Exhaust emissions reduced and fuel economy increased.

Valve Lubricant 


 Lubricates through molecular chemisorption.

"The high molecular weight ester, acting as a synthetic overhead lubricant, partially survives the combustion and contributes an acid moiety to form the chemisorbed iron soap to provide boundary layer lubrication.   Vibration is reduced and engine at idle runs more smoothly and quietly. Smoking is reduced markedly and power, acceleration and fuel efficiency are improved.  Thus, the longer that DX1 is used, the greater the improvement in engine performance."

Scientific Explanation of Effects of OMSTAR DX1 Fuel Lubricant.  


Inventor Morton Fainman, Ph.D. along with Richards Skaggs, CEO/President of Omstar Environmental Products, and Howard Seargent, Executive VP of Omstar Environmental Products, a retired US Army Colonel and Westpoint Graduate was one of the world's foremost experts on the lubricity powers of synthetic esters. For example, U.S. Patent 4,920,691, issued to him in 1990, cites his 1957 research paper on that subject. Thus, he had been researching synthetic esters for three decades before what he called his "sudden insight" about combining low and high synthetic esters in one fuel additive came to him in 1988. 

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