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What Makes Bio-Esters so Effective?


DX1 is composed mainly of short and long chain synthetic esters which are most complex and effective fuel additive ingredients anywhere in the world.   

These esters, combined with fuel,  and, when burned, produce more efficient combustion than fuel alone.  They also clean injectors and provide lubricity that coats upper and lower cylinder walls of a piston engine and, thereby, reduce friction and heat.  This prolongs engine life while significantly reducing harmful emissions.


How Many Gallons Do Our 

Bio-Esters Treat?


DX1 - 1 ounce treats 10 gallons of fuel  - either gas or diesel.

Residual - 1 ounce treats 31 gallons of residual diesel (grades 5/6, HFO). 

Flame  - 1 ounce treats 10 gallons of fuel (diesel, or coal and natural gas equivalent.)

Can I Get Carbon Credits for Using

 DX1, Flame,  Residual,



The use of one gallon of DX1 could eliminate up to 22 pounds of CO2. The use of any Bio-Esters such as DX1, Flame, and Residual could qualify the user for carbon credits.


Is DX1 Hazardous?


These products are certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency as non-hazardous, and are certified by the US Department of Transportation under Shipping Classification

FC #155150 "Non - Hazardous” Class 65. DX1 is biodegradable, contains only Hydrogen, Carbon, and Oxygen atoms and, when burned, leaves no residue and is totally ashless upon combustion.


Do We Have a Product for Two-Stroke Engines?


Yes, we can provide T-50, a blend of DX1 + a high quality synthetic oil that will significantly improve the performance of vehicles and engines using 2-stroke technology. Contact our office for more details.


Where Can I Purchase CleanStar Products?


Please contact our sales office directly for commercial or industrial use.


What Do I Need For Shipping?


NMFC Shipping Classification: FC #155150 Non-Hazardous Class 65

Proper Shipping Name: Fatty Acid Ester. 

Identification Number: 144920.  

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