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DX1 is designed to clean your engine from the inside out.  Being a leader in bio-esters to reduce pollution significantly and keep your world CLEAN.

Save money in Gas with CSP_Optimize_60sec

Save money in Gas with CSP_Optimize_60sec

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DX1 is for gas and diesel engines (formerly called D-1280X). 


Flame for open flame furnaces and boilers (formerly B-15).


Residual for large diesel engines using diesel 5, 6/bunker fuel.

Cleanstar carbon footprint

Global Impact Solution

1 gallon of DX1 could eliminate up to 22 pounds of C02


55 gallons (1 drum) could eliminate up to 1,210 pounds of C02 


Global projection: 7 continent deployment... to help cut

global C02 by 25 percent within 10 years


Global outreach within 12 months,

let's get there together.


Be part of the solution, contact us to get

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Clean Star Products, LLC has formed a distributorship through its parent company Omstar Environmental Products.  Omstar's CORE foundation has a thirty-five year plus track record of producing environmentally safe products, due to its one-of-a-kind technology.  Backed by decades of scientific data from all around the world by experts in the science communities demonstrate that our product does what it says.

  • Improves combustion for better fuel economy/less particulates

  • Significantly reduces harmful emissions - SOx, NOx, CO, HC & PM

  • Cleans engine, fuel system, furnaces, boilers exhaust stacks

  •  Extends engine life while improving lubricity

  • Made only of Carbon and Hydrogen molecules - 99.99% clean and ashless upon combustion

  • Easy to use

  • Biodegradeable

  •  Non-Toxic



US Patent No. 4,920,691 for Omstar DX1 issued in May of 1990 states: 


High molecular weight straight chain carboxylic acid esters survive the combustion in the cylinder and are available to react with the rings and cylinder walls.  This forms a metal soap which provides lubrication in the boundary friction region.  Thus making it, a great improvement over conventional mineral oil-based overhead lubrication. 


Super-efficient combustion reduces fuel consumption and, in turn,  reduces pollutants

Cleans engine, fuel valves and fuel lines


Raises Cetane for diesel fuel by 4-5 points


Works in any hydrocarbon fuel, for example, gasoline, diesel and coal



Omstar DX1

shipping classification 


FC #155150

Class 65

Easy to use

Safe to handle